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More than 80 years experience guarantees best working results: It is in our interest to understand your requests and requirements, see them clearly and convert them into product. Our highly skilled print team operates with a worldwide network of experienced partners.

The base of this valuable and constructive cooperation generates for us sincerity, mutual trust and total reliability. As a manufacturer, we voluntarily commit ourselves to environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The company Nagels Druck was founded in 1928 under the name of Schwieren. In 1977 Karl Nagels took it over and it is now run by his sons Thomas and Werner Nagels.

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Members of nagelsgroup – more than just tickets

The nagelsgroup consists of highly specialised companies with the shared ambition for future growth. Each business works to our core principles while maintaining individuality, providing unique skills that benefit our customers and the ticketing and print industry in general.

Members of nagelsgroup - more than just tickets


1988: The company is relocating to Kempen
1992: The production plant is expanding
1994: Foundation of the German subsidiary (Multi Grafik)
1995: Foundation of the French subsidiary (Pro Ticket)
1998: Foundation of the UK subsidiary Nagels UK (NUK)
2004: Foundation of the US subsidiary Nagels North America (NNA)
2005: nagels takes over Sehna GmbH
2005: Construction of a new warehouse in Kempen
2006: Foundation of the UK subsidiary (NMG)
2007: Foundation of the Canadian subsidiary (NNA)
2007: Foundation of a new manufacturing plant in Toronto
2009: Foundation of the Turkish subsidiary Nagels Eurasia
2010: Foundation of RFIDentic (Germany)
2011: Foundation of Nagels Australia (Australia)
2014: nagels takes over Roveka BV (Netherlands)
2016: Foundation of the Australian Joint Venture ColleaguesNagels
2016: Foundation of nagels Belgium


nagels demand for quality is very high. Our way to achieve this, is no secret: Quality is not only defined by technology, but also by people’s knowledge. Quality means ongoing motivation to be abreast of the latest technology, and having experts in each of our market sectors.


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