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Pay and Display

nagels manufactures in excess of 1.5 billion pay and display tickets for customers around the world. The same rules apply for pay and display tickets as they do for pay on foot tickets, materials and OEM specifications are crucial in the production of tickets. Whether your machines are off-street or on-street, inside or outside, identifying the correct material for your parking machines will give you confidence that nagels will ensure the smooth operation and minimize disruption of your parking operation.

Pay on Foot

nagels manufactures pay on foot tickets for all the different systems used around the world. With approval status from the major OEMs for installations globally, nagels supplies tickets for all systems including barcode and magnetic stripe. As barcode technology continues to gain popularity around the world, detailed consideration is needed to ensure that the base material and thermal coatings developed are suitable not only for the issuing system, but the environment in which the tickets are used. Our team can provide guidance and advice in identifying the best grade to suit your operations, no matter where in the world you are based.
Due to their ease of use and dependability, tickets with magnetic stripes have remained a popular option for decades. Suitable for a variety of applications, magnetic tape can be applied by either cold glue or heat transfer, using HiCo and LoCo tapes.


Efficient, fast and secure. Through contactless and wireless technology, our RFID ticket solutions for paper and PVC offer new opportunities for the parking industry. We manufacture your RFID tickets in-house in all existing formats. RFID tickets can be supplied without print, but we have the manufacturing capability to print these tickets with up to eight colors.

Additional features

We can offer a range of other product features, which can be applied to all tickets.


We are able to produce Parking facility tickets as fanfold tickets and in rolls to specific sizes, with different material weights and thicknesses in accordance to the specifications of your machine manufacturer.

Colors and Design

When designing your tickets, our in-house graphics department will assist with the layout of where to print your logo and text. Our printing presses can print up to four color process on the face and reverse of tickets.


nagels only use materials which have been tested and approved by the OEMs. This gives all our customers around the world confidence to run their parking operation using nagels tickets. Materials available range from basic paper grades through to thermal coated premium materials and environmentally friendly products. We also offer composite materials, thermo-composite materials, synthetic films and thermal coated films. All of these options are supplied in varying thicknesses and weights, allowing customization to suit your needs.

Security Features

We can add security features into your product for added protection. This can range from a simple low-level solution, such as day-glow inks or fluorescing fibers in the substrate, to hot-stamped holograms or embossing. Also available are a range of security inks that react to heat or pressure as a means of confirming authenticity of the product. Examples of this application are coin reactive and thermochromic inks that can be added into the product design. Additionally, secure encoding of the product is available for magnetics or RF technology if desired.



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