Plastic cards

barcode pvc card

Barcode cards

Barcode cards are cost effective, high quality plastic cards. The data is stored and represented in binary symbols.

plastic cards

Hybrid cards

Hybrid cards combine different technologies into one card allowing the customer to have the best of both worlds.


Dual interface chip cards

Smartcards have a special two-way solution so that the stored data can be accessed via a contact based chip or a wireless RF-Antenna.

plastic cards

Plastic cards

Plastic cards offer a wide range possible of uses and applications to fit your company’s needs.

chip card

Contact chip cards

The most common type of chip cards are contact chip cards, the data on these cards is written onto, and read from, a chip.

RFID Smartcards

RFID cards

Cards embedded with RFID technology offer the user a large variety of applications compared to the more conventional contact based cards.

magentic strip card

Magnetic stripe cards

Magnetic stripe cards are easy to use, cost effective and can be used for a number of applications.