RFID smartcards

nagels supplies a wide range contactless smartcards featuring IC technologies from our main supply partners and market leaders. We supply clean cards which are anti-static treated, shrink wrapped into packs of 100 cards per pack and packed into boxes containing 500 cards.

RFID cards use electromagnetic fields to transfer data remotely and securely at a distance or with the tap of a card to make things as simple and comfortable as possible for you and your users. One of the big advantage of RFID is the ability to use a single card for multiple applications further increasing its flexibility.
Our cards can be supplied as blank white cards or pre-printed. We also provide a print personalization and encoding service as well as automated fulfilment and mailing services to support bulk issuance and steady state turn over from a single card to over 500,000 cards per week during peak periods.

We also work to ensure that 100% of the cards we supply are functional at the point of encoding. Once issued, our cards will be expected to have a life of no less than 5 years in normal use. When deployed for use by the public typical card failure rates are low, being around 0.5% of the card population per annum for cards under 5 years old.


We can offer different types of technology depending on what you need the product to do. NFC is a specialised branch of RFID technology which was developed specifically for safe, short distance data exchange over short distances, for example pay systems and credit cards.

RFID Smartcards


RFID smartcards are being used for a broad spectrum of applications and markets:


Barcode Cards (for example Admission tickets)

Access Control

Access- and Membership Cards (with image personalisation)

ID Cards

Access- and Membership Cards (with image personalisation)


Swipe Cards (for example cards with payment functions,  bonus cards)

  • 125 Khz (for exmaple Hitag)
  • 13,56 Mhz (for example Mifare┬«)


  • Plain
  • Pre-Print/ Individual Print / Personalisation

Different Security Solutions:

  • Numbering
  • Hologram
  • Microprinting
  • Special Paint
  • Embossing



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