RFID Tickets

Our RFID tickets are used extensively in the Mass Transit and Leisure Industries for access to Stadiums, Theme Parks, Concerts and Festivals. We can also incorporate electronic purses for purchasing food, refreshments, parking and low value items such as magazines, newspapers and merchandise.

When making RFID tickets, different combinations of materials can be used such as: Paper, Thermal Paper, Cardboard or Synthetic Materials on request. We are able to sandwich PET foil in between the two layers of paper to make the tickets more durable. Please ask us what we would recommend when it comes to low-cost, waterproof and hardwearing tickets.

We can combine High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency technologies to create a card or ticket with a Dual Interface. This would allow the card to be used at both short ranges (gaining access to restricted areas for example, and at long ranges, for finding out how many people are in a certain area for example. Our RFID tickets are available with a large number of different chips to meet the existing market requirements. The dimension of one ticket is compliant to ISO 7810 and to ISO/IEC 7501 TD-1.


We offer you maximum protection against imitations with a wide range of special security solutions:

  • Blanking
  • Perforation
  • Embossing
  • Numbering
  • Hologram
  • Safety colours
  • Format: ISO 7810 and ISO/IEC 7501 TD-1
  • Material thickness: 300 to 450µm
  • Engrossment: Single ticket, fanfold, booklets, roll ticket
  • Individually printed (up to 8 colors)
  • High frequency technology allows reading over larger distances
  • Durable tickets by combining paper and PET-foil
  • Personalisation (individual, design/ printing)
  • Special perforation
  • OCR marking
  • Barcodes
  • QR-Codes
  • Data reconciliation/-fusion
  • Initialization and Chip encoding (SAM)
  • NXP MIFARE Ultralight® EV1 & Ultralight C®, MIFARE® mini, MIFARE Classic® 1K
  • ST Microelectronics SRI 512, ST25TB (successor for the SRT512)
  • Further on request available

Product Features

ticket security features


We are able to produce car park tickets as fanfold tickets and in rolls to specific sizes, with different material weights and microns in accordance with the specifications of your machine manufacturer.

Security Features

We can add security features into your product for added protection. This can range from a simple low-level solution, such as day-glow inks or fluorescing fibers in the substrate, to hot-stamped holograms or embossing. Also available are a range of security inks that react to heat or pressure as a means of confirming authenticity of the product. Examples of this application are coin reactive and thermochromic inks that can be added into the product design. Additionally, secure encoding of the product is available for magnetics or RF technology if desired.


nagels only uses materials which have been tested and approved by the OEM’s. This gives all our customers around the world confidence to run their parking operation using nagels tickets.
Materials available range from basic paper grades through to thermal coated premium materials and environmentally friendly products. We also offer composite materials, thermo-composite materials, synthetic films and thermal coated films. All of these options are supplied in varying thicknesses and weights, allowing customisation to suit your needs.

Colours and Design

When designing your tickets, our in-house graphics department will assist with the layout of where to print your logo and text. Our printing presses can print up to four colour process on the face and reverse of tickets.



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